Miguel Enrique Alvariño is a boy in his room “making beats for headbangers, not ravers.” He is also one half of the administrative crew of Primitive Languages, a label releasing strange music of all genres since 2014. His own music has been released on NYC's L.I.E.S. and Bank Records as well as North Carolina’s Hot Releases.

Cienfuegos shares its name with the Cuban town and translates to “one hundred fires.” The intent of this moniker can be felt tangibly throughout the music’s gritty, driving rhythms, which veer towards nasty while never losing their groove. The lyrics, written in Spanish, explore the sordid history of relations between the Caribbean and the U.S., and apply these themes on a personal level, through poetic description of the fragmentation of cultural and personal identity, the misplacement of a nomad. This is passionate revolt music, or as Suárez so succinctly describes it, “some form of resistance music for people who know the world has already ended.

Night Riding Techno Psychedelia from Montreal, CA. 1/2 of SLEAZY with Marie Davidson.

Berlin resident Silvia Kastel works at the intersection of advanced electronics and concrète, future-primitive industrial/DIY/post-punk, and dancefloor experimentation. A fixture of the global underground for many years as one half of Control Unit, she has been honing her solo craft in recent times and will release her debut album proper on Blackest Ever Black in Autumn of this year.