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Valerie Martino’s influence in the current underground music landscape cannot be overstated. As Unicorn Hard-On, she was one of the first of America's 21st-century noise artists to seriously mess around with beats, having carved out her own space in the scene since 2003. Over the last 13 years, Martino has toured the USA and Europe countless times and firmly established herself as an artist to pay close attention to. After a break from years of nonstop touring and releasing beautiful, handmade tapes, Martino is closing the doors on Unicorn Hard-On with a final release for untergang-institut as she begins her next chapter.

“Dream Machine” is the followup to Martino’s last full-length release, “Weird Universe” (Spectrum Spools, 2013). It expands on the twisted, colorful world of previous releases with slowly unraveling acid tracks and psychedelic synth lines. As a final release for the Unicorn Hard-On project, “Dream Machine” is an essential and truly masterful record from an artist who knows exactly what she’s doing. In her own words, “I just want to make sounds that are beautiful and weird.”

1. Wave Vacation
2. Dream Machine
3. Echo Palm
4. The Mystifying Oracle
5. Miss Maddox
6. Florida Water

Artwork by Cosmo Knex

Juno Plus: Unicorn Hard-On returns with Dream Machine
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Rush Hour

title: MY PLANET
topic: telecommunications, time travel, pop critique
for fans of: aliens, freddy mercury, flash gordon, dj spanish fly, people like us, music in general

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Mixtape by DJ Puddle. 40 minutes of inoffensive music featuring..
Michel Legrand / Hard Corps / Freiwillige Selbstkontrolle / the Space Lady / Bridget Feral / the Carpenters / Palais Schaumburg / James K / Pet Shop Boys / Scatman John / Ministry

Reissue of 2014 Wilted Woman cassette "Bad Seeds." 67 minutes of experiments with EBM, electro and some sort of millenial music conrete.
$5+s/h here